Staying active as our routines change is really important. From the age of 30 we start to lose muscle mass year on year, more so if we are inactive. Recent research highlighted by TravelWest has found that regular cycling can make people up to 10 years younger through maintenance of fitness, muscle health and immune system. Being active helps maintain positive wellbeing, good physical, social and mental health and the opportunity where possible for continued involvement with family, peers and the community.

There are many organisations in Bristol aimed at increasing activity opportunities for over 55s from Walks to Walking Sports to Cycling to activities in Leisure Centres aimed at helping people with specific health conditions.

Dance Club

Case Study

Looking for Inspiration? Then why not head over to the Run4Life page where you can read about Sue who started Walk to Jog and from there has plans to try other activities which combined will provide the perfect activity plan for her.

We are looking for case studies. Are you an older person who has always been active but have adjusted what you do as you get older to keep fit and healthy or are you someone who has taken up an activity in their later years? Perhaps you have a story to tell which will help other people to be active. Please email


These are activities that organisations have said are friendly/ suitable for over 55s


Walking Sports

Find Active Ageing Bristol's 2018 Walking Sports Programme here