What a score – 180!

Despite their best efforts the St George Strollers could not find a pub on their Bristol City Walls walk with a dart board to celebrate their 180th walk.  A darts fan had pointed out that 180 is the highest achievable darts score of three triple twenties.  As this great photo shows they took their dartboard image with them and posed in the sunshine of Castle Park.

This Walking for Health group started offering their twice-monthly, free walks in May 2011 and have led over 500 miles of walks.  The walk leaders have covered over 1,000 additional miles preparing and checking those walk.  The walks are open to people of all ages; the youngest “walker” came in a pushchair and some walkers are in their eighties.  Walks are about 3 miles, taking ninety minutes to two hours to complete.  Walk leaders love researching their walks and often have a few pauses to share interesting snippets of information.  The number of people coming on each walk varies above and below 20 from a pool of over 70 people currently registered with the group.

The national Walking for Health scheme does not have the resources to directly support individual groups so Bristol City Council are helping the Bristol Walk for Health groups to find ways to continue, either as parts of other schemes or independently.

The St George Strollers have plans in place to continue as an independent group, outside the Walking for Health scheme but are also working hard to research other possibilities.  Their main new expenses will be insurance, bus fares for walk leaders who do not have bus passes and training for new walk leaders.  They have been self-funding other expenses since they started.  If there are St George-based businesses interested in supporting the group in the future there are advertising opportunities with the walk leaders hi-viz vest, the quarterly walk leaflets, the posters that go up in 21 locations in St George and the occasional press releases made by the group on notable occasions.

From the beginning of April the Strollers will provide an option for walkers to make a voluntary donation of £1 per walk to help cover their expected increased expenses.

Details about the group including contact information are on www.troopers-hill.org.uk/strollers