This week Sue Anderson tells us about Back 2 Netball, the initiative to help women get started in Netball or get back involved in the game. From what we hear there’s a lot of smiles and laughter and new friends being made.

What sport/ activity does your club do?


Tell us more about your sport/ activity?

We run “Back to Netball” sessions for ladies of all abilities/ages/from all walks of life. It doesn’t matter if you have never played or if you haven’t played since school, our sessions are designed to bring the fun and laughter back into playing a game of netball.  No skirts required.

What is/ are the best thing(s) about your sport/ activity?

The laughter and social side of netball, the ladies come to learn but make friends, have fun and get fit without even realising it.

Are there any misconceptions about your activity that you would like to change?

You do not need to be fit to start playing, this comes with time and definitely no netball skirts.

How did your club start?

Back to Netball has been running for 6 years now

Where are you based?

Our sessions are all over Bristol (evenings and daytime sessions), so hopefully there is one for you

Who is part of your club?

Any Ladies over the age of 16

What do you aim to achieve?

Confidence, Self Esteem, a sense of belonging/achieving

What is the best thing about your club?

 All the ladies that take part

What do people need to do if they would like to try your sport/ activity? Do they need to be a certain standard?

NO, just come along and have a go

Do you have a Website/ Facebook/ Twitter/ Instagram that you would like to tell us about?

Facebook Page: Sue Anderson, all our sessions, details of matches go on this page.

More info is also available here:

Do you have a participant or parent who would like to say a quote about what they feel about your sessions.

I had a lady turn up to pay for the session and she said “this is the best £1 I will spend this week”. – Made my day hearing that.