The new Bristol Sport and Physical activity strategy has been published it support the city’s stakeholders in the planning and delivery of sport and physical activity investment, services and opportunities. The strategy was informed by the physical activity needs assessment and informed by city stakeholders. The strategy and needs assessment can be seen below:

A Sport and Physical Activity Strategy for Bristol 2020 – 2025

Bristol aspires to have a Sport and Physical Activity Strategy which brings together a wide group of partners with the shared objectives of creating, promoting and enhancing opportunities for sport and physical activity as a key means to help create a healthier, resilient and more prosperous city.
This strategy is intended to support the city’s stakeholders in the planning and delivery of sport and physical activity investment, services and opportunities through a clearly defined set of strategic outcomes, objectives and a robust and measurable action plan. A new framework for the governance and implementation of the strategy will also be identified.
The strategy presents the new requirements and guidelines of the UK’s Chief Medical Officer (published in September 2019) as well as the current state of the health and wellbeing of Bristolians and the physical activity levels in the city. This context and associated data will subsequently be used as a baseline for 2019 against which the impact of this strategy will be measured.

Bristol Physical Activity Needs assessment 2019

The needs assessment is an overview of physical activity and inactivity in Bristol.

A Playing Pitch Strategy for Bristol (2017-2023)

This covers grass and artificial pitches in the city and the immediate ancillary facilities such as changing rooms and cricket nets. It focuses on the four main pitch sports played in Bristol: cricket, football, hockey and rugby union.

Two other documents support this strategy and are available on request from

  • Bristol PPS Background and Evidence
  • Bristol Playing Pitch Strategy Action Plan

Sport & Active Recreation Facility Strategy (2018-2023)

This strategy covers all built sport facilities in the city (except for artificial pitches) and looks at the quantity, quality, location and availability of facilities.

The document “Assessment of  Needs and Opportunities Bristol SaARFS” supports this strategy and is available on request from


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