Sport England Resources available to help people stay physically active
As England begins a new period of national restrictions, the days and weeks ahead will be challenging for everyone involved in grassroots sport, as well as in all the activities impacted by the new restrictions.

Sport England have updated our website to reflect the new restrictions and have worked with the government to answer some of your most frequently asked questions.

These restrictions are of course a blow to all those who either take part in or deliver sport and physical activity.

But this is a pause, as part of the larger response by the government to stop the rise in infections and to protect the NHS, and not a hard stop. Sport England will do everything they can so that sport and activity in all its guises is ready to return as soon as the restrictions are lifted, and help people get and stay active through this period, in a number of ways:

Helping the nation stay active

Sport England will be focusing on what can be done at this time, with an emphasis on supporting people to walk, run, cycle and get involved in fitness activities at home or outdoors within the restrictions.

Through our high-profile campaigns, our partnerships with brands and organisations and through our external communications channels, there’ll be more from us in the days and weeks ahead about the importance of helping people to get active through this period of new restrictions.


Today, we’ve reopened our £16.5 million Return to Play: Small Grants fund, which we paused for a few days this week to refocus on helping groups, clubs and people who deliver sport and physical activity through the additional challenges that this period of national restrictions will bring.

Sport England have made important changes to the criteria to ensure we’re giving the right help at this time.

Sport Englands two other coronavirus-related funds, Return to Play: Community Asset Fund and Return to Play: Active Together, are also open for applications.

This is part of a wider package of over £220m of support we’ve provided since late March.

Separately, Sport England are working closely with the government on a package of support for those sports badly affected by the fact they can’t generate revenue from crowds on match and event days with more details to come soon, following the £100m of government support to leisure operators.

Working with the government 

Sport England are working alongside government colleagues so that when restrictions are lifted, we’re best placed to return. They will promote and push for as much sport and physical activity to be permitted as is possible.