Project Description

  • Activity Provider:

    The Climbing Academy

  • Activity Name:

    Bouldering and Climbing

  • Activity Description:

    Bouldering is for everyone, young and old, male and female, and can include those of all physical and mental abilities. Just think about kids climbing trees, it’s as natural and simple as that.The great thing about bouldering is that you get absorbed in it. You get stronger, more physically aware, more creative and it’s a great social environment to be in with your friends.

  • What age is it for?:


  • Male/ Female or Both:


  • What ability do people need to be?:

    All abilities

  • Delivery Area:

    Easton/ Lawrence Hill

  • Where can people find out more:

  • Approx cost (may be subject to change):


  • Volunteering Opportunities:


  • Where does your activity take place?:

    Charlton St, Bristol BS5 0FD

  • Other Info:

  • ‘Free’ offer

  • What should participants wear/ Bring?: