Walking Football

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Project Description

Organisation delivering the project

Bristol City Community Trust

What is it?

Walking Football is a slower, low impact version of Football. A great way to be active in a fun and inclusive environment.

Who is it for?

Men aged 50 plus

How much is it?

Free at Hengrove Park Leisure Centre on Thursdays

£3 at The Park Community Centre on Fridays

How long will it last?

1 hour per session

What will I achieve from joining in?

We hope you will feel stronger and fitter, happier and less stressed whilst enjoying a fun and social atmosphere with like-minded people.

What happens after the project?

These sessions will continue to run

Where can I find out more?

Bristol City Community Trust Walking Football

What do I need to bring?

Water/drink recommended. Trainers.

Is this a group activity or individual activity

Group activity

Where does it take place?

Thursdays 10am to 11am at Hengrove Park Leisure Centre, Hengrove Promenade, BS14 0DE

Fridays at The Park Centre, Daventry Rd,  Knowle, BS4 1DQ