Project Description

Organisation delivering project

Knowle West Healthy Living Centre

What is it?

One to One support to help people tackle the barriers to them becoming active

Who is it for?

Adults (18 plus) in Knowle West / Filwood and surrounding areas who are currently inactive

What will I do?

After an initial consultation and assessment with a social prescriber, we will create a plan to introduce some physical activity into your life. You will meet regularly with the social prescriber to review the plan.

How much is it?

The social prescribing service is free. There may be some costs for activities depending on those selected (eg walking is free, but there will be a cost to going swimming)

How long will it last?

You will work at your own pace. We anticipate involvement with the social prescriber lasting up to 6 months but participation in activities will last indefinitely.

What will I achieve from being part of the project?

We hope you will feel more confident, be involved in more activities, lead a healthier lifestyle and feel physically and emotionally better.

What happens after the project?

We anticipate that you will be signposted to activity groups in your community where you can continue to engage indefinitely.

Where can I find out more?

Email Knowle West Health Park Social Prescribing

Phone 0117 377 2255

knowle west health park website

What do I need to bring?

Just yourself to the initial consultation!

Is this a group activity or individual activity?

The Social Prescribing service is One to One; involvement in activities is likely to be group based depending on the activities selected.

Where does it take place?

The Social Prescriber is based at Knowle West Heath Park, Downton Rd, BS4 1WH – One to One consultations will take place here. Activities will be chosen by participants which could be in the local community.