Project Description

Name of project

Let’s Get Moving Lawrence Hill – Physical Activities at Wellspring Healthy Living Centre

Organisation delivering the project

Wellspring Healthy Living Centre

What is it?

The project aims to identify key barriers to physical activity experienced within the community and to develop physical activity initiatives designed to help break down these barriers and encourage physical activity and active lifestyles.

Who is it for?

The project aims to work with those who are inactive and experience significant barriers to engaging in physical activity. Particularly Somali women who experience cultural barriers to exercise: such as not being able to exercise in front of men; Mums who experience childcare barriers to exercise; individuals with chronic pain conditions; individuals with low/no income; individuals who are not confident to go to leisure centres/mainstream classes/exercise groups.

What will I do?

Individuals will be referred, signposted or self-referred into exercise classes that suit you. Classes are drop-in (no need to book in advance), except the chronic pain class which is referral only through GP/pain service. We aim to engage individuals in fun, affordable and appropriate exercise classes to suit you. The Wellspring Healthy Living Centre offer these activities/ Classes:

  • Bellyfit for women (with free crèche)
  • Gentle exercise (women only classes and classes open to all)
  • Buggy walk
  • Health walk
  • Get Active (gentle circuit-based class for those new to exercise)
  • Exercise programme for Chronic Pain (GP referral only)

How much is it?

£1 to £2 per class

How long will it last?

60 minutes per class, with tea or coffee and a chat after

What will I achieve from being part of the project?

We hope you will achieve improved wellbeing, fitness, strength, confidence, meet new friends, get active, get out and about…

What happens afterwards?

Classes are ongoing for the duration of the project and individuals will be encouraged to continue attending the classes. Following the project, the aim is to continue the classes if funding is available.

Where can I find out more?

Contact Rosie Sadler by email or phone 07949740121 or visit the Wellspring website

What do I need to bring?

Comfortable clothes and suitable shoes, water bottle with water

Is this a group activity or individual activity?


Where does it take place?

Wellspring healthy living centre, Beam St, Barton Hill, Bristol, BS5 9QY