Project Description

  • Activity Provider:

    GoodGym Bristol

  • Activity Name:

    GoodGym Bristol

  • Activity Description:

    We run in groups to local organisations that need our help completing tasks like shovelling earth for community gardens, planting trees or clearing derelict land, and run back all within 90 minutes.

    Distances range from 2km to 8km per run depending on where the community project is. The distance for each run is listed on our website.

  • What age is it for?:

    Open to all, must be able to cover the total running distance for the particular session.

  • Male/ Female or Both:


  • What ability do people need to be?:

    You must be able to confidently run the distance described on the run listing on our website. This is generally between 3km-8km split into two sections (out and back)

  • Delivery Area:


  • Approx cost (may be subject to change):

    It is free and you get a free t-shirt if you become a member!

  • Volunteering Opportunities:

  • Where does your activity take place?:

    Tuesday – Vivo Sports, Floating Harbour, Welsh Back, Bristol BS1 4SB

    Saturday – Roll for the Soul, 2 Quay St, Bristol BS1 2JL

  • Other Info:

    Booking required at:

    Every Tuesday – 18:20 to 20:00

    Every Saturday – 10:50 to 13:00

  • ‘Free’ offer

    All sessions are free

  • What should participants wear/ Bring?:

    Suitable running clothing for the weather conditions on the day.

    Do not wear your best clothes as they may get muddy and messy!