Project Description

  • Activity Provider:

    Bristol Orienteering

  • Activity Name:


  • Activity Description:

    A large number of events put on in a year, from local/schools events on Saturday to international events. Training runs each Tuesday. Coaching provided with many Saturday events. String courses for children and families.

  • What age is it for?:

    From pushchairs to 90 years.

  • Male/ Female or Both:


  • What ability do people need to be?:

    They can be any age, any standard.

  • Delivery Area:

  • Where can people find out more:

    Bristol orienteering website

    Facebook page

  • Approx cost (may be subject to change):

    £17.00 Senior, but this includes membership of BOF (British Orienteering Federation). Juniors approx £7, family membership available.

  • Volunteering Opportunities:

    Orienteering is run exclusively by volunteers, so there are many opportunities for people with different skill sets.

  • Where does your activity take place?:

    Many different locations round the Bristol area, in the Forest of Dean, and in urban areas in the summer.

  • Other Info:

    Anyone is welcome, from the walker who would like some challenge, to the elite runner.

    The fact that it is available for everyone.

  • ‘Free’ offer

  • What should participants wear/ Bring?: