New Lending Library Equipment!

Gympanzees are excited to announce the following fabulous new pieces of kit have landed at our FREE Lending Library this year already. All of our specialist equipment can be borrowed by families in Bristol and the surrounding areas, free of charge, for two weeks.

To find out how to book, go to our website.

Sure to be a favourite for the whole family! The trampoline can help improve and increase balance, coordination and core strength.
Sensory Water Table
This table is great for exploring water and all the fun that can be had with it! We’ve included some fun accessories to get families started. Colours can be changed for soft mood lighting.
Liquid Floor Tiles
Play the floor is lava, but reversed! These are sure to catch children’s attention and they will want to walk all over them. Wake up those hands and feet!
Bendy Rainbow Tunnel
Make the most of your space, indoors or out, with these two tunnels which can be used separately or together.
Matching Shapes
This fun little game will work on children’s concentration without them realising.
Noise Cancelling Headphones
Try these noise-cancelling headphones for when children are finding things just a little too much.

Therapy Webinars

Our therapy webinars can offer advice and tips from expert paediatric therapists so parents/carers can best support their children at home.

Topics include:

We also have a brand new webinar, with Caroline Hardaker, expert physiotherapist specialising in SDR.

This webinar is aimed at parents and carers of children with CP who are wondering if SDR might be suitable for their child.

It covers not only SDR but also explains spasticity and dystonia, other treatments for spasticity as well as the funding for SDR in England and how parents can get an assessment.

View a video about these webinars here