Bristol City Council Sustainable Transport team are partnering with Age UK Bristol to launch a FREE walking app at the end of April. It will be a Bristol section on Go Jauntly.

To showcase the features and demonstrate how to create walks we have organised a webinar on 23rd February 11.00-12.00. Please click on the link and register: here 

It is open to anyone so please feel free to come along to learn more about the project or adding walks to the platform.

Apart from the general walks (we can have as many as we like) we will also  have 20 curated walks that Go Jauntly can add further information to eg. stops along the walk with audio, links to sites or further text.  You can download the app and have a look at existing walks, but in terms of the 20 curated routes, below are links to a few good examples including an audio enhanced one. If you have any ideas for curated walks or would like to partner up to bring one to life please let me know.

Once you have downloaded the app (on android or IOS appstore) search the walk names and click on them if the below link does not work.

This one is a really good example of a curated walk Marriott’s Way Complete Route @ Norwich, Norfolk here

And here’s another brand new Heritage one which I think is really great and developed in collaboration with a content research at the Humanist society. The Humanist Bloomsbury Tour @ Bloomsbury, London here 

Audio enhanced one is Botanic Shop Hopping in East London @ Shoreditch, London here

There are a couple other features that will be demonstrated on the day to help you find green routes here. One is an A to B navigation feature that uses open data to give you quiet or green routes away from main roads (think green route google maps) and another that generates a circular walk for you in your location using green spaces and where possible quieter routes.