Are you interested in becoming a sports leader or coach? Helping out at your child’s sports club? Do you already help out but would like an official qualification and some additional knowledge to help make sessions more constructive, inclusive, safe and fun?

The courses below are great generic leadership and coaching courses which help you understand and develop key skills around communication, session planning, group skills, evaluation, adapting sessions, simplifying activities and extending activities, health and safety and more.

From time to time Bristol City Council Sports team run these courses.

Level 1 Award in Sports Leadership (13+ years)

This nationally recognised qualification enables you to lead small groups in simple sport and recreational activity under supervision. This short course often delivered over 1 day or three evenings teaches leadership through sport, with no entrance requirements or exams.

This course will cover:

• Leadership, Communication, Organisation and Confidence
• An understanding of the wider needs of the community
• A proactive attitude towards organising group activities

For more information about this award please head over to Sports Leaders UK.

Level 2 Award in Community Sports Leadership (16+)

This nationally recognised qualification enables you to lead small groups of people in sport and recreational activities. The 42-hour course teaches leadership skills through sport, plus 10 hours volunteer work. There are no entrance requirements or exams.

The course encourages participants to take responsibility for others, develops organisational and communication skills and helps develop confidence. The majority of the course is practical in nature with an emphasis on learning through doing, rather than through written work.

The aim of this qualification is to prepare responsible, motivated and confident people who can lead safe, purposeful and enjoyable sport/ activity sessions while under indirect supervision.

What can I do after this course?
This award will build on your skills, confidence, self-esteem and self-management which will enable you to progress to the Higher Sport Leadership award which is highly regarded within the sport industry.

The course schedule will cover:
1. Plan, lead and evaluate a sport/activity session
2. Developing leadership skills
3. Lead a session to improve fitness
4. Adapting sports activities
5. Establish and maintain a safe sport/ activity session
6. Organise and deliver a sports event or competition
7. Pathways in sport and recreation

For more information about this course please head over to Sports Leaders UK.

Coaching courses for specific sports

National Governing Bodies of Sport offer their own particular courses to help you become a sports coach. If you are interested in a specific sport click on  the Sport England website link and scroll down to ‘Sports and governing bodies that we recognise’ then click on the link next to the sport you are interested in to go to their website to look for their coaching courses.