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About this project

The Tackling Inactivity project is a partnership project funded by Sport England supporting people who do less than 30 minutes of physical activity a week in Lawrence Hill, Filwood and Hartcliffe to find ways to become more active. Bristol City Council is working with key partners to deliver this project which aims to understand how we can support people to increase their physical activity. The University of Gloucester is our monitoring & evaluation partner who will be working with participants and delivery partners to identify behaviour changes which help people to become more active.

Delivery Partners and Activities

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What our participants say

“I wanted to start doing some aerobic exercise as I felt that it would be good for me. I am 65, and when I saw the Walk to Jog course as a lead-in to a beginners running course advertised I thought that I would give it a go. I enjoyed the sessions and found the leader to be a really fantastic, inspiring teacher.

The Run4life session near me was on a Wednesday evening and I volunteer at an Oxfam shop on Wednesday afternoons, by the time I’ve carried books up and down stairs for 4 hours I really can hardly walk let alone run! Joining the course has inspired me to find some activities which may better suit me. I’m joining a yoga class for over 55s and am looking at tai chi/qi gong classes too. I will continue to do ‘walk 30 seconds/run 30 seconds’ 2 or 3 times a week to keep up some aerobic exercise, I may decide to progress further in the future, but for now this is the right amount for me and I am enjoying finding a combination to suit me.” Sue

“The Walk to Jog gave me the permission to try running on my own terms without any pressure. After the 4 week course I was ready to start my running journey and join the Zero to 35 course. I haven’t looked back. I’m not fast, but Run4Life has taught me that doesn’t matter, run at the speed that you enjoy.” Sarah

“I can really recommend this class if you have balance issues or stiffness of joints or for general wellbeing. I was reassessed after 12 weeks and have improved on many counts.” Doug

“It has been lovely meeting people who are trying their best to improve their lives. The instructors are caring, knowledgeable and encouraging, jollying us along with good humour. I have noticed marked improvements in my muscles.” Irene

“I am ready to progress onto other and more challenging exercise, but I’d like to continue with the Staying Steady classes as I enjoy the company.” 73 year old lady

“He has stopped using a walking stick, after attending the class for 9 weeks. He is much happier, and the class has made a real difference to his quality of life.” A lady who attends with her partner.

“Doing certain things of life have improved and seem easier to carry out’. John

It was great

By chance I saw the run4life courses advertised on Facebook and to this day, I am not sure what possessed me to sign up…! I have never imagined myself to be a runner and have had several failed attempts and committing to various exercise fads. As a busy mum of two young boys, I have always been able to find a reason NOT to exercise, and not the other way around. When I saw the poster I thought it looked like a gentle way to begin running, and although I wanted to join the course, I didn’t see myself actually finishing it.

When I turned up to the first session I was amazed by how many women were there, of varying ages, sizes and fitness levels, but we all had one thing in common – we wanted to give it a go! I started doing the Walk to Jog course and found myself enjoying it each week and wondering if I could push myself further. I then started the Zero to 35 course and honestly, I haven’t looked back. Every week I looked forward to the group session and met a group of inspiring, positive and interesting women who I now consider to be my friends. We met up during the week for our homework sessions and even started a WhatsApp group to arrange evening and weekend runs. I was pleasantly surprised by the social element that it brought and loved having weekly catch ups with the group.

As the weeks went by, I couldn’t believe that I was still going and found myself feeling pretty thrilled at the end of every session. I discovered I was a slow runner, and often would find myself at the back of the pack. With encouragement from the run leaders, I realised that this was nothing to be worried about and soon started recognising how much progress I had made and feeling proud of myself. The rest of the group would cheer me on and I felt so supported and encouraged.

The day of our graduation run turned out to be quite emotional – I was so nervous and not sure what to expect and wondered if I could actually run 5k. We all met as a group at the ParkRun and ran at our various paces. I will never forget the feeling when we met at the end, all so elated that we had done it. There were tears and a lot of hugging!

Since then, I have ran a 5k glow run with friends I made on the course and I am currently doing the Zero to 35 course again! I love the structure of it and the group spirit really helps me to stay committed. I have also been so moved by the programme that I am doing the run leaders course, so that I can encourage other women to give running a try.

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