There are a wide variety of swimming pools and leisure centres across Bristol varying from the main council contracted leisure centres to community sports facilities. We also have specialist sports facilities including the City of Bristol Gymnastics Centre in Hartcliffe and the City Academy Athletics Track in Whitehall. More information is available here: Swimming and leisure centres


Many sports clubs are run by volunteers. Volunteers take roles from sports coach/ leader to finance officer to communications officer and many more in-between. Have a look at our sports club listing. Many clubs have listed the types of opportunities available that they would love people to help them with. Volunteering can make a huge difference to a club, just an hour here and there helps. To get training and volunteer as a sports coach visit our Sports Education page.


Physical Activity can contribute to the physical, social and emotional wellbeing of all children, young people and staff within the school and its community. The link between health, Physical Activity and wellbeing is well established. Bristol Healthy Schools is a programme available to all Bristol schools wishing to improve the health and wellbeing of their pupils, staff and local community.


Helping your employees to be active makes a healthier, more productive and happier workforce. Many people spend more time at work than they do at home, so an active working day can make a big difference to everyday life. Wesport can help with support and initiatives.

Sports Education

Sports coaching training – Sharing your enthusiasm and knowledge of sport with others can be very rewarding. A great place to start is with generic qualifications which will teach you the fundamental skills of how to be a good coach before specialising in your chosen sport.

Women and Girls

Currently women are less active than men, however the hugely inspiring campaign ‘This Girl Can’ is helping to change the perceived stigma and stereotyping that has been present about getting out there and giving sports a go and we are seeing more women at all levels taking part in a range of activities. Bristol Girls Can is our local arm of the campaign, keep up to date by following our Bristol Girls Can Facebook page

Active Travel

Our journey to work can be a great time to be active and can sometimes even save you time as well as make you feel more energised. Walking an extra bus stop, cycling or even running are all great options. For tips on walking and cycling to work, visit the Travelwest website

Disability/ Health Issues

It is really important for everyone to be active if they can. The BeneFit From Activity website shows how people with a mental or physical health condition can benefit from being more active and how different types of exercise can help people with different conditions.

Various schemes run at our leisure centres to help people with low, medium and high risk health conditions as well as opportunities for people with disabilities – Access Sport are working to increase sporting opportunities in Bristol:

Community initiatives

Here are some opportunities to get active in Bristol: