310 children attend Free Sports Camps and receive a healthy meal through ‘Fit & Fed’ during the Summer Holidays

Last Summer holidays, Bristol City Council Sports team facilitated a project called ‘Fit & Fed’. The aim was to tackle the holiday hunger crisis for children and young people in the most deprived wards of Bristol. The project offered sports camps from 10am to 2pm with a healthy meal and healthy snacks. The focus areas were those with the highest need in the 10% most deprived neighbourhoods in Bristol.

Sports activities were delivered by Bristol City Community Trust, Gloucestershire Cricket, local coaches and volunteers. The sports focuses were the team sports of Football and Cricket but other activities included Dodgeball, Basketball, Arts and Crafts and playground games.

Meals were either prepared by Hartcliffe Health and Environment Action Group (HHEAG) with local volunteers or provided for free by Boston Tea Party and included sandwiches, fruits, yogurt, water and a water bottle. Camps took place 2 days a week at each venue for the 6 weeks. Bread and toast was also available for those children who had not eaten breakfast.

22 sports sessions engaged 310 children and provided 710 meals at:

  • Filwood Fields in Knowle West
  • Bridge Learning Campus in Hartcliffe
  • Netham Park in Lawrence Hill
  • Dame Emily Park in Bedminster

Headline Findings:

  • The highest attended site was Filwood with 110 six to sixteen year olds, 81 six to fifteen year olds attended Bridge Learning Campus, 74 five to eighteen year olds attended Netham Park, and 45 eleven to 20 year olds attended Dame Emily Park.
  • Attendance of Children from non-white backgrounds reflected the local area, with 87% from mixed or BME backgrounds at The Netham but much higher predominance of white backgrounds at the other sites.
  • 91% of attendances were male, the site with the highest proportion of female attendances was Bridge Learning Campus (11%)
  • 54% of children who attended were eligible for Free School Meals, with the highest level at the Netham Park site (70%)
  • The highest attending Year Groups were 4 to 7 – children aged 8 to 12 years (57% of children), Year 2, 3 and 8 children (ages 6/ 7/8 and 13/ 14) made up the next highest attendance, totalling 22%. Dame Emily Park’s participants were an older demographic with a third of participants who were 17 years old.

The project was part of a wider national initiative from Feeding Britain. In Bristol, Bristol City Council, Young Bristol and Youth Moves with Community of Purpose facilitated the distribution of 2000 meals to children across Bristol during the 6 week holiday.