Activities Near You (by area)

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This information has been submitted by organisations who have agreed to a statement that they have all relevant health and safety/ safe-guarding, insurance, qualifications and organisational memberships to deliver their activity. Bristol City Council cannot assure that all are in place and suggest that you also carry out any relevant checks, particularly if you are leaving a child or vulnerable person in their supervision.

If you would like to add your organisation to our listing please download and complete our Community Activities Form and email it to:

To make it easier to find an activity near you, find your area on the map, then click on the area in the list underneath it. This will then bring up an alphabetical list of activities which are taking place.

Areas across the city

Visually Impaired Cricket

Activity Visually Impaired Cricket Sessions Area Ashton, Bristol Offer Fun, enjoyable and engaging cricket sessions for beginners through to experienced VI cricketers Dates/Time Thursdays, 7-8pm through the winter Sport club/provider Gloucestershire Cricket Board, supported by [...]


Walking Sports

Find Active Ageing Bristol's 2018 Walking Sports Programme here