On Saturday 18 May, a local Bristol team of female-only ocean rowers, The Bristol Gulls, will join forces with the City of Bristol Rowing Club to begin an epic 1,500km ergathon challenge.

● The marathon row is part of an effort to raise £150,000 to complete an ocean crossing for both the RNLI and Clean Up Bristol Harbour, and attract more people into the sport of rowing.
● Ten ergos (an indoor rowing machine) will be set up in front of Marks and Spencer in Broadmead, and members from the club will keep the ergs moving from 10:00am on Saturday until the challenge finishes in the evening.
● Rowers will run a relay system towards a target of 1,500km throughout – the same distance as London to Lisbon. The only time the ergs won’t be in motion is during the changeover between rowers.

The Bristol Gulls are four Bristol-based women who will be rowing 3,000 nautical miles across the vast Atlantic ocean in December 2020. The Gulls are rowing to raise money for the RNLI and Clean Up Bristol Harbour, two organisations that have very aligned objectives to their own: to promote a safe and sustainable relationship with our global waters.

Made up of Aileen Booth, Chloe Juyon, Lorna Carter and Sofia Deambrosi, the
Bristol Gulls aim to set a number of world records on their row next December,
including the first ever Uruguayan and first South American woman to row
across any ocean. The Gulls will be attempting the first ever ‘sustainable’ Atlantic
crossing, by ensuring they live on the boat using only eco-friendly products and
racing the first ever Eco Ocean Rowing Boat.

For more information and to find out about corporate sponsorship
opportunities, please contact thebristolgulls@gmail.com