Government physical activity guidelines

Bristol is amongst the highest of all major cities in England for overall participation rates in sport and physical activity; however this varies widely across our communities. Some groups are much less active than others and a large part of our population stays inactive, most of us could and should do more.

See the government physical activity guidelines for how much exercise you should be doing, how much people are doing, how it helps us both physically and mentally and for ideas of what you could be doing.

Make a change

Make a change by:

  • personally pledging to do more and to ‘think active’, from changing short journeys to walking and cycling
  • setting a goal/ challenge by arranging to meet friends for an activity, helping others to be active, getting our families out more
  • helping as a teacher or leader our younger generations to start on a pathway of activity (our children have been labelled the least active generation – only 21% of boys aged 5 to 15 and 16% of girls aged 5 to 15 achieve the 60 minute a day guidelines, read the UK Active Kids generation inactive report).
  • encouraging as a manager in an organisation,  employees to be more active. Research shows that it makes a happier, healthier, more productive and resilient workforce.

Being active doesn’t have to cost anything, Bristol has many parks and open spaces you can enjoy for free, let’s get out there and help make Bristol the most active city! And don’t forget the free offers through our ‘Free activities you can try’ page.